viernes, 15 de agosto de 2008

Olympic Games domains portfolio

Here's a complete listing of all Olympic Game cities domains that I own. From the all 45 possible domains of Olympic events held until now, between Olympic Summer games and Winter Games, I own 32 domains. So this is the most complete portfolio of domains of Olympic Games Cities. I have been collecting the domains of the cities that have held an Olympic Game Event. The norm is that the domain of the official website of an Olympic Event is always the name of the city in English followed by the year of celebration and the extension ".com"; Example:,, etc… Time ago, I wonder, What happens with the Olympic Cities that host an Olympic Games when internet did not exist yet. Which would have been the domain for their official site. I search internet I found that those domains were availables, so I bought them. This is the list of the Summer Olympic Games domains that I Own. From the 25 events I own 15:

This is the list of the Winter Olympic Games that I Own. From the 20 events I own 17:

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